The Homebound Hound

The Homebound Hound

Welcome to my blog

Sydney Bean Napier is a homebound basset hound in Florida that has a snarky sense of humor, some really long ears and a sense of smell that the FBI would pay for.
She wanted to do something helpful during the Coronavirus pandemic and after some thoughtful consideration of things like the most dog bones eaten in one day or dressing up like Ramona Virus or using her ears to helicopter down from the roof, she decided instead to cheer people and pets up with an uplifting and funny blog.

We hope you enjoy The Homebound Hound blog and that it brings you just a little bit of laughter and cheer during these trying times. And if it does, please share it on social media with your friends and family.

Stay safe and remember….Keep your snout up and your paws down!

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