About this Hound

Sydney Bean Napier

Sydney is an 8 year old basset hound that was born in Alabama and moved to Tallahassee as a 3 month old puppy.  She loves to eat and sleep and play in that order.  She will literally eat any and everything.  And could sleep up to 20 hours a day unless her parents are trying to sleep and then she seems to be wide awake.  Sydney also loves to play especially with squeaky toys.  And even though she is 8 (around 54 in human years per the AKC), Sydney does still do zoomies around the house two or three times a week.  She also loves to go to Camp MoJo’s to play games and get even more exercise with the other camper dogs.   

Sydney is Southern born and bred and displays all the important traits of a true Tallahassee resident.  Sydney has manners and is polite and kind (unless you refuse to share your food).  Sydney loves all people equally (that have food in their hand) and never ever talks bad about anyone.  Sydney likes to stand under trees (and eat bugs, moss and dirt) and experience the Tallahassee winds blowing through her long basset hound ears.  Sydney loves watching college football and participating in all the game day (eating) festivities.  Sydney is very interested in politics (no tax on squeaky toys) but doesn’t try to push her political views on other humans or dogs.

Sydney enjoys the arts and even recently participated in a photo shoot that proved that basset hounds head shadows can look like B1 Bomber planes.  Sydney likes live music and spends many weekend hours in our man cave listening intently to her Daddy playing his guitar (quite loudly even for basset ears). But mostly Sydney just loves living in Tallahassee, spending time with family and friends and enjoying all that our wonderful city has to offer!

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