2020 is the Year of the Easter Basset

Every year around this time when the weather starts getting warmer and the flowers and shrubs start blooming, hoomans start talking about Easter and more specifically the Easter Bunny. I’m all about getting together with your family and friends, running around outside looking for hidden treats and then everyone gathering around the table to eatContinue reading “2020 is the Year of the Easter Basset”

A Spoon Full of Sugar, Not this Time

Everyone keeps talking right now about this lady called Ramona Virus.  On TV, on the radio, on the internet, my pawrents talk about it on the phone with almost everybody, she is everywhere.   I have not met Ms. Virus but she seems to have traveled all over the place and wherever she goes she seemsContinue reading “A Spoon Full of Sugar, Not this Time”

It’s Raining Green…..Hallelujah!

I love this time of year.  It’s finally warmer, although honestly in Florida it’s never that cold at least to a basset hound in a fur coat. Everybody seems to be in a better mood because they can go outside more often perhaps.   And best of all, it’s balling season.  I’m really not sure whyContinue reading “It’s Raining Green…..Hallelujah!”